Safety Nets


Industrial Safety Net (Single Layer)

The Industrial Safety Net is an essential safety accessory for any industrial setting. With its strong and durable construction, this net provides extra protection against falls and other accidents. Its mesh design allows for easy customization and installation, making it a versatile solution for warehouses, construction sites, and more. Keep your workers safe and secure with the Industrial Safety Net.

3x10 meter, 5x10 meter

Two Layer Safety Net (With Fish Net)

The ultimate safety solution for high-risk industrial settings. This net is made from high-quality materials, with a two-layer design that provides maximum protection against falls and other accidents. The fishnet adds an extra layer of safety, preventing objects from falling through. The best choice for construction sites, warehouses, and other high-risk environments.

3x10 meter, 5x10 meter

Green Net Shade Agronet

Shade Agronet provides excellent sun protection and reduces heat stress on construction sites. It allows air circulation and provides shade to workers during the hot summer months. Its durable and high-density polyethylene material ensures long-lasting use and protection from UV rays.

16X32 feet, 16X64 feet, 2x50 meter, 3x50 meter

Udyogi SN-003 Safety Net

Introducing the Udyogi SN-003 Safety Net, a reliable solution for maintaining a safe working environment. This overlay safety net features a mesh size of 100mm x 100mm, with 4mm diameter PP rope for the mesh and 12mm diameter PP rope for the border. The containment net is made of 1mm diameter twin rope, ensuring excellent protection. With ISI marked polypropylene rope conforming to IS: 5175 of 1992, this safety net guarantees quality and durability. Keep your workspace secure with Udyogi.

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